Tuesday, March 30, 2021


(Inspired from a real-life story...)

It's 2:30 pm in the afternoon. Raghu was in the midst of the famous crowd of Mahakumbh Mela that is held in Haridwar. He wasn't looking for something specific, it was just out of sheer curiosity to know more about the humongous gathering of saints, seers, ascetics, yogis, and mystics- one of a kind festival in the world. He encountered several naga babas, several tantriks, yet something was missing in his search, something different. Yesterday he discussed in-depth the science of Hatha Yoga and several intertwined aspects of Kriya with Munibir Yogi, a 110-year-old Yogi who has come from remote areas of the Tibetian region. While Raghu was moving through the densely populated path in the Mela, his glance suddenly fell upon a child, who was shining bright and was playing nearby a tent. He tried to ignore that several times until he realized he had been staring at the child for quite some time now. There was a man in a tent who was observing this with a little grin on his face. Raghu was magnetically drawn to this child and played with him for about an hour. After that, Raghu went straight to the man in the tent who seemed to be a guardian of that little child. He is dark-skinned, healthy, and looks to be in his mid-sixties.

"Are you the grandpa of this child?" Raghu asked curiously.

"I am his father." replied the man with a gentle smile.

Raghu was amused. "B..But.. How? I mean, err..." Raghu blabbered to say something which the man understood in a moment. He wanted to know why he had set up a family at such a later stage in his life.

"Okay. If you have some spare time in your hand, let's sit for a talk. I wish to tell you my story" the man said in a gentle tone. 

"Yeah, sure!"

"Almost 45 years ago, I took sanyas and spent 30 years of my life exclusively for spiritual sadhana. I was a complete celibate and refrained from any social interactions. Everything was going well until one day, for 2 minutes, I lost consciousness..." 

"Lost consciousness as in?" Raghu asked with a curious tone.

"My lust dominated my mind for 2 minutes and I made love with a woman from the base of the Himalayan zone, near Tibet... I impregnated her, and hence my 30 years of sadhana was destroyed in 2 minutes..." he stopped for some seconds and then continued, "I could have immediately left the woman alone and being an ascetic, wouldn't have had any problems. From the inside, I am free from all worldly bonds. But what was to happen had happened. It can't be reversed. I can't start my sadhana now. I had no way out, as there was no point in roaming as an ascetic without sadhana. So I decided to conduct the process of family gracefully for this life..."

"But what about your sadhana?" asked Raghu.

"Well, I have to take on a new body to restart it again, and until I get a new body, I am trying to be with the necessary karma so as to not repeat the same thing again. So, I am waiting for my next life to happen and also into dutifully conducting the family for now." the composure and smile were constant in the man's face during this entire conversation.

"Can I ask you one more question? Don't you regret what has happened?" asked Raghu.

"Haha! What's the point of regret. Visiting down the memory lanes to make yourself miserable isn't the most intelligent way to experience the moment that creation has bestowed upon you to live. Acceptance is the only way to truth." 

Raghu was flabbergasted. He had to leave now. But he felt blessed to have come across that touch which quenched the unknown thirst he was having. He was astounded by the maturity, clarity, balance, and simplicity of an aspiring sadhaka that left him transformed for the rest of his journey.

Friday, March 19, 2021


 Leading the heart with Mom,

Love is what I had known.

Intimacy is what I felt to core.

There comes the woman,

Was completely unknown.

Flattered by her innocence,

Moved by her presence,

Was yet to know her essence.

Fragrance she is, the woman I fancied.

Beauty is what, I had known only her,

Held her hand, dreamt too far.

Dreamt knowing never to wake up,

She is only mine, for she's my star.

In her lap of love I grew,

With her selfless devotion, I flew.

I continue to grow, looking at us.

Without you, oh love, I have no purpose.

Had you not been holding my hand,

Would have left the silly society, 

To run to where I stand.

I questioned, looking up above,

Am I worth so much love?

And that's where you hide,

Oh my treasure trove.



Wake up!

With a force happened first inhale,

An entity formless, form hence taken.

Adjusting to illusions, the being-

String unbroken, but it did fade.

Days and nights, months and years,

Cycling joy, disgust, love, fears and tears,

Pops questions in between, of life and death,

Of existence, of God- fears both, goes away-

Distracting thyself with so called occupation,

In the earth without a purpose.

Forgets the questions, useless maybe!

Ever occupied human, only to realise,

At the end, it was futile; for the creation is,

Too vast for purposefulness, with this.

Accidents happen, and so is realization.

Knew you, for years that you go to sleep,

And you arise, but that day, all of a sudden,

Realized that you never slept, for aware you're.

An eternity pops up, and time is no more.

Touch it subtly, but wake up!

To realize a phenomenon called life,

And not it's accessories.



In her full glory,

Lies she ever joyed.

If not I butchered her,

For my petty pleasures.

Still she jumps like a phoenix,

A cosmos self surviving, and she can fix.

The clock ticks, ignorance veils.

She forgives, and takes me back,

To merge and purge;

In Her.

So I romance, for I find nothing else!

With a million form she is,

Formless is, behind the scene,

Romance never ends,

That's how I have been.




The infinite train,

Never found where it started,

Or where did it end!

An express in one direction,

It gives ear to none,

Never stops, till it runs.

Found myself on a bogie,

For everyone was. 

Some were far ahead,

And others were yet to come.

Infinite it is, goes on forever.

Enough I enjoyed,

The endless scenery all around,

It's repeating, and I am bound.

Naturally I long, to get off the train.

If  you fear, oh it's fine!

You're caged, in the train of time...




When I look up above, far and high

Not because of some regrets or deep sigh;

Something bumps me hard,

Hard enough to drive me nuts.

Something so deep bursts from within,

A light unseen, to a terrain I haven't been.

I tried, hard I tried, only to fail;

Still searching for someone to sail

With me, Oh mother, and I yell.

Ignorance and stupidity all around;

Eyes on the ground, for a race so futile!

What will thee do with a race

And empty chatters?

The breath starts here, and here it ends.

That's the truth, and it only matters.

Grow up, look at the sky,

Not with anguish but with an eye,

Of ecstasy and joy, thee will find a knife;

Cut it, to get the Pandora's box of life.




As in a pond- ripple blocks,

Tranquility unblocks;

So is the mind. O mother!

Thoughts are a block

Where thoughtlessness is the key.

When thoughts subside,

Can tranquility see;

The clarity within, utmost

Which shows the unseen, unveiling of the cosmos.

Filled with secrets, O mother!

Tranquility pricks the mist.


 Comes with a breath,

Goes with death, never so sure

Oh, so subtle; and pure.

Life this is, and for a moment does it glow

Only let it, let it flow.

Encased in the body, but body it is not;

Encased in the mind, and we are caught!

Billions of years, in a go, 

The secrets of cosmos, in a blow.

Capable it is, beyond all limits

For the only illusion standing

Is the Limit.

An ant in the Pacific, 

But still without limits.

Bound and boundless in one

For the ultimate is none.

Nothing, nowhere, never.


 Ignorance is when streetlights block,

Starlight high above, the glitter of cosmos.

Eye once, beyond the streets, up above

Can't you resist from falling in love.

Love with the dupatta of illusions,

Love with the shackles of taste,

Love with the darkness around.

Love with the air so profound,

Love with the sounds.

Love with the breeze of smell,

Love with an empty shell;

By the beach, an itch, none can teach.

Nor can you reach, with the streetlights on.

O seeker! Ignorance even with light.

It's all streetlights.



 It all started with a sound, 

From the boundlessness which bounds,

Prolific, and inexplicably profound.

Shrishti Naad, as I call, the basis to everything,

Enslaved everyone, from peasants to the king!

The open one goes, ignorant stays jailed,

The sea of sounds, Oh mother, just to merge,

Searching a goal? Oh, you're only to purge!

Searching a soul? Oh, you're a fish,

Trying to get out and find the sea.

Shrishti Naad, you can hear with an ear,

Life is too short, there is hardly a moment to spare!

A purpose? There is none, for if you want,

Frustrated as you will be, there is none!




One jot it takes to flame an eternity,

One moment made me live an eternity,

One second it took to light the lamp,

One minute gave me an indelible fragrance.

One hour tore me to reshape my shore.

One day shaded me with profuse love.

A flame to ignite the candle of my soul.

A living to live a life, full.

A light to direct my boat of love,

A fragrance to hit me so deep,

In memories and to grip

Unlocking an inevitable treasure trove.

An hour? So intense by the lake,

Embracing love, cherishing a shape.

A shape in destiny, a reflection of purity.

Romancing, knowing not for a life,

But for an eternity.


 A society where-be it drugs and cigar,

Or America's workers on torn pants,

Is symbolic to modernism,

I'm a damned misfit.

Where health is in medicine,

Avoiding disease is mean,

Where my own history is hidden,

For treacherous gains,

That still goes in vein,

I'm a damned misfit.

Where science is not to seek,

But a business of west,

Gets ingrained so deep,

With too many religions, on a heap.

I'm a misfit.

Beyond ideas, or thoughts,

Or beliefs and dogma which are sought,

Ceasing to exist, on the rhythm and music,

Knowing not who plays,

The grand hide and seek,

Elsewhere I'm a damned misfit.



 With a flick starts life,

And anytime is death, O mother!

Their life is set, in between.

Knowing secrets only with words,

Is never what they mean,

Life flies like birds, always in between.

The ground of life and the infinite,

Even with sight they don't get the might,

To be out from boundless ignorance,

The drama and the dance,

The maya and the trance.

O mother! Forever trapped into this bondage;

They call it freedom, just another cage!

Getting the cycles and traps that have been,

The only thing to know-the only way out is in.



 Yesterday is a memory,

Tomorrow is an idea,

Reality is none but now.

Know it either by intellect,

Or by suffering,

That you will lose everyone,

You and Your being.

Today's intimacy is tomorrow's memory,

That's how life is, Oh mother!

Should I really bother?

Understand that with a blink,

You'll be on death-bed.

The only thing that matters,

Is how intense you led, memories you made.

Nobody you know, is forever.

Open your mind, and there will be shivers.

Mom, dad, friends, lover, will slip off your eyes,

Enquire then, who were they, and who am I?


 Too many feelings,

Can I never express.

For a bunch of ecstasies,

Can I never transmit.

Exploding from within,

Bursting in tears,

Of cosmic bliss, Of romance!

A span so short,

Nobody knows where they go!

Neither where I am or who am I,

Nothing do I know!

Bursts from within,

Can I never express.

Neither do I know where you are,

Nor I do know who you are,

Overflowing love scratches purpose,

Love, is what I chose!

Too many experiences,

Stay stagnant in me!

For the illusion of life and lifeless,

Bestowed on thee, be free.


 In the envelope of darkness,

Does the star hope to shine.

In the hope of wealth,

Are the diamonds mined.

In the hope of perfection,

Does he try to fit-

In the hope of one hand,

Is the one that hits.

In the hope of life,

Does he forget death;

Until it knocks at the gate.

In the hope of a drop of water,

Does he search an ocean!

In the hope for the best,

He blurs the rest.

Hope -is a word fella, that is not.

Hope is of the mind,

A deceptive knot.


 It's 99.9% they say, damn sure.

Empty they see, but only 0.1% as all.

With us in this cosmos, insignificantly small;

Transcendence is the only cure.

Where only with the five senses we know,

A trap well laid by the cosmic brain.

The only way to grow,

Is to fill the void with a magnificent terrain,

Of perception.

Transcendence is the only way home.


 Of joy, of a boundless bond.

The fragrance, as she was caught,

Alas! A flower, when plucked, starts to rot.

Stuck in fragrance, as she forgot,

Terrified she got, lost her sense, started to hover

Trying to bring the withered flower!

The fragrance faded, and went as it came,

Alas! She had the withered flower to blame.

Days passed, and days into months,

Tapping into the peak of ignorance,

Oh mother! She said the flower was never there! And the fragrance was false, it never cared!

Suffers those in hell with ignorance,

Knowing not the flower, once came, has to go.

Lies over lies, lies the dilemma.

Venom spits, when out of trance!

The fragrance, love as it is,

The most beautiful,

But it cripples most people!


  The infinite train, Never found where it started, Or where did it end! An express in one direction, It gives ear to none, Never stops, til...