Friday, March 19, 2021



Defied his sleep to give me some,

Denied his food to fill my tummy.

Didn't let bullies near me to come,

Cooked in mom's absence, so yummy!

With an unconditional love in his heart,

Never did he express when he got hurt.

A scratch in my body, and he went mad,

As if he will kill them, those who dares.

Teenage passed by, without ever knowing that,

Because of him, the only one who cares.

Never denying me anything I asked,

Whatever it was worth, remained masked.

Never did I get to feel the hunger of poverty,

Water leaked from our cardboard ceilings,

But he managed it like it was nothing!

And I grew up.

Grew up to realise that it's all memory.

Anyday, I would see him in the coffin.

Painful, heartbreaking, but truth it is,

His being today will only be a memory!

I know not who he is, grateful I am,

Blessed I am, to such a presence.

My only regret is I could never understand,

For he never shared his immense suffering!

To make me feel all is okay,

Even when nothing wasn't.

That's what life is, oh pa,

A blink of cosmic watch,

A play of memories,

Suffering and learning!

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