Friday, March 19, 2021


 Of joy, of a boundless bond.

The fragrance, as she was caught,

Alas! A flower, when plucked, starts to rot.

Stuck in fragrance, as she forgot,

Terrified she got, lost her sense, started to hover

Trying to bring the withered flower!

The fragrance faded, and went as it came,

Alas! She had the withered flower to blame.

Days passed, and days into months,

Tapping into the peak of ignorance,

Oh mother! She said the flower was never there! And the fragrance was false, it never cared!

Suffers those in hell with ignorance,

Knowing not the flower, once came, has to go.

Lies over lies, lies the dilemma.

Venom spits, when out of trance!

The fragrance, love as it is,

The most beautiful,

But it cripples most people!

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