Friday, March 19, 2021



When I look up above, far and high

Not because of some regrets or deep sigh;

Something bumps me hard,

Hard enough to drive me nuts.

Something so deep bursts from within,

A light unseen, to a terrain I haven't been.

I tried, hard I tried, only to fail;

Still searching for someone to sail

With me, Oh mother, and I yell.

Ignorance and stupidity all around;

Eyes on the ground, for a race so futile!

What will thee do with a race

And empty chatters?

The breath starts here, and here it ends.

That's the truth, and it only matters.

Grow up, look at the sky,

Not with anguish but with an eye,

Of ecstasy and joy, thee will find a knife;

Cut it, to get the Pandora's box of life.


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