Friday, March 19, 2021



Wake up!

With a force happened first inhale,

An entity formless, form hence taken.

Adjusting to illusions, the being-

String unbroken, but it did fade.

Days and nights, months and years,

Cycling joy, disgust, love, fears and tears,

Pops questions in between, of life and death,

Of existence, of God- fears both, goes away-

Distracting thyself with so called occupation,

In the earth without a purpose.

Forgets the questions, useless maybe!

Ever occupied human, only to realise,

At the end, it was futile; for the creation is,

Too vast for purposefulness, with this.

Accidents happen, and so is realization.

Knew you, for years that you go to sleep,

And you arise, but that day, all of a sudden,

Realized that you never slept, for aware you're.

An eternity pops up, and time is no more.

Touch it subtly, but wake up!

To realize a phenomenon called life,

And not it's accessories.

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