Friday, March 19, 2021


 Leading the heart with Mom,

Love is what I had known.

Intimacy is what I felt to core.

There comes the woman,

Was completely unknown.

Flattered by her innocence,

Moved by her presence,

Was yet to know her essence.

Fragrance she is, the woman I fancied.

Beauty is what, I had known only her,

Held her hand, dreamt too far.

Dreamt knowing never to wake up,

She is only mine, for she's my star.

In her lap of love I grew,

With her selfless devotion, I flew.

I continue to grow, looking at us.

Without you, oh love, I have no purpose.

Had you not been holding my hand,

Would have left the silly society, 

To run to where I stand.

I questioned, looking up above,

Am I worth so much love?

And that's where you hide,

Oh my treasure trove.

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