Friday, April 30, 2021


In one of the hopeless nights,

I dare, dare to step out.

Ignorance hurts, I stand with might.

Trying to open minds, loud!

Where am I? How, by the way?

Sleeping people I see around,

Waking them up, for they're bound.

Are the deepest questions out there,

Or is it inside, right here?

There is a path, to get out, I swear!

Cycles of time is all that is here.

Creation is, the game unsolved,

Forever it would be, there to mould.

Thoughts, imagination can run wild.

But nothing can come close to it.

The life, the gigantic trap, with galaxies,

With awareness, people bid lifetimes,

Some got released, some badly stuck.

Repeating it is, I am burning to let go,

But can I? Or I assume it to be so!

Trying to touch eternity, of the uncreated,

That which can never be created.

Trying to touch, and here I go!

It's life, it flows...

Friday, April 23, 2021


When I loved only few,

O mother, I missed love,

I left loving everyone,

And love took birth, in it's core.

When I was with someone,

O mother, I missed being,

I left them, left them all, am alone.

And it opened up being, with everything!

When I seeked pleasure from petty things,

O mother, I missed pleasure,

The seeking dropped, it grew manifolds,

Pleasure without anchor, a treasure trove.

I tried to get out of time,

O mother, I got stuck deeper.

I left trying anything,

And suddenly, time was no more!

Mother is a contradiction,

Life is, is, a duality.

Knows no logic, petty ideas,

Just being, in being even without the mother!

Thursday, April 22, 2021


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The question, while being in the 21st century, may be very relatable as the definition and evolution of cultures around the world are changing rapidly with the pace of human understanding facilitated by technology. There are people who don’t support having any culture, and yet there are people who are deeply cultural. Who is correct? Is there really a need to have any culture at all? We shall explore these questions here in this blog. Let’s go deeper into the word culture, and its history.

What is culture? Culture is a combined collection of efforts of generations of human beings in a  civilization that packs all the intellectual understanding, explorations, knowledge gathered on a variety of aspects like food, education, health, etc. entwined into a way of life. Different parts of the world evolved different ways of life according to the influences on them by several factors. Hence, many cultures evolved around the world and perished with the passage of time. The present generation takes up the knowledge forward left by their ancestors from the beginning of evolution to the next generation, adding some elements of knowledge and insight to it and also eliminating the unnecessary elements with which contaminations happened. This is how evolution happens.

If we look from this perspective, even if we don’t want to be cultural, our everyday lives are a byproduct of the same. The food we eat, the way in which we speak and communicate, the way our society is structured is part of the culture. Thus, without even being aware of it, people from different parts of the world are intimately related to their culture that has evolved with time around them. The people who don’t support any culture are the ones who don’t want certain elements associated with their way of living. Are they wrong? Not necessarily. Much more than being right or wrong, it’s about relevance. Somewhere, the terms ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are totally in a social context. What seems right in one society can be wrong in the other. That’s not of any importance to us. About being relevant, yes, there are certain elements that were relevant at some time, but is not relevant now.

Can someone be without culture? Almost all of the human population is driven by emotion. Hence, there needs to be some belief, some notions, some ideas to be clung continuously to. This itself forms up a culture. There are cultures that are monotheistic(Abrahamism), polytheistic(Hinduism) & atheistic(Buddhism), yet they all are surviving to this date accordingly. Because there has to be a constructive way in which human beings flourish to their capability, a support system is needed on which he can build himself. This is culture.

Let’s start from the absolute basics. 

You wake up and the first thing you do is go to the toilet or brush your teeth- the structure of the toilet or the toothpaste you’re is a product of a culture and an evolution of generations of people who used to shit in open places and slowly optimized to where you excrete today. When you sit for breakfast, once again, the proper balance of nutrients in food is because of a very strenuous and sensitive exploration of our ancestors. If you are left in a jungle without anything, you probably won’t be even able to identify which fruits are poisonous and which are safe to eat, forget about nutritional values. After breakfast, maybe you conversate a little- once again the language that you use is intimately a part of the culture, it took generations of optimization and a very organized memory because of which we can communicate so fluently today.

The next thing for you maybe is to change clothes to be ready for work- once again, if you think about how the dresses originated to such fashionable and beautiful pieces, our ancestors started from leaves and bark of trees. Next, you get into an automobile, once again it’s an optimization of our tendency of locomotion which started with tree trunks and then to wheels and you know the story! By now, it is evident that you’re an intricate part of some culture, a culture that brought you up and decided every outfit about you- attitudes and behavior, clothing, food, shelter, language, and even largely influenced the way you think.

Trying to be without culture would be to start from absolute nomads, the way the first human beings started millions of years ago. While it may sound an attractive and revolutionary idea to stay cultureless, from all the discussion we had above, it can be justified that the word “cultureless” is just a word, of no practical relevance. Instead of trying to be anti-culture, we can just look fresh and deep into its origins, the efforts generations of wonderful human beings put in, and the unnecessary elements that swept in with time, that is of no present relevance. This will let us utilize their efforts and also help us add more value to it, which is the human endeavor on this small Earth. Carrying all these perspectives in my mind, the Indian culture in its core form has thoroughly intrigued me.

I am astounded every day by the fact that this is the only culture that not only sustained for the longest time on this planet but also was the hub of absolutely fantastic and incomparable human beings who were at the epitome of exploring life to its utmost depth- were the source of every possible kind of knowledge, the destination to every form of human endeavor and questions, who made India the richest nation in the world for thousands of years- rich not only in its wealth but also in the values, the ways of life and the enlightened approach to every aspect of life and living they made. There’s a lot to learn, a lot to add to it, and a lot to carry it forward. I could write blogs and blogs but won’t be able to compensate for even a fraction of the wonder this land and its culture is.

So, is having culture a necessity? I want to know your opinions down in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


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Wednesday night. Pratik looks at his watch- it’s 3:18 a.m., in the midst of a populated party hall, somewhere in central Kolkata, India. The ambiance was one of a kind, with an intoxicating smell that filled the room and adding more spice to it- very specifically engineered low power lights with a rushing gradient of colors. For the first time in his life, he is experiencing the luxury of being in the midst of a space specifically designed for total enjoyment and flowing with the overflowing rush of hormones. A disco with super bass propels the body to be in tune with the rhythm even more. Pratik found himself in the flow alone, in spite of being among hundreds. He is just in his mid-twenties, exploring a new horizon of human desires and compulsions. From childhood, he is mildly observant. Although totally in sync with the rhythm of the party’s music, he managed to keep his senses totally open to the wild experience. It’s been past midnight, but he is without a drink till now. After being with the flow for a few more minutes, he looked at the clock- it’s 3:23 a.m.

“Let’s have a drink now.”, he thought.

With a composed sense, he proceeded towards having a drink.

“Hi, can I have two shots please?”, he asked the one serving drinks.

“Sure, sir. Just in a moment.”

“Hello there! Nice meeting you…”, a very unfamiliar voice lured his attention. The moment he turned around, a beautiful lady at least a decade ahead of him in age smiled at him with a confident and optimistic eye.

“Eh… Aaa…. Do I know you...?”, Pratik was confused. He smiled in an uncomfortable way which showed that he is not used to responding in unexpected situations.

“Oh no! What’s the point in knowing? You’re so cute. I am feeling a great desire to have sex. I was searching for someone really to vibe with. Let’s go!”, the directness, straight to eye talk, and confidence in the lady left Pratik totally shocked for the moment as he struggled to understand the situation.

Before he could gain composure or react, the lady held his hand, and the aroma from her body seduced him so much that he couldn’t even think of resisting her. She then took him off the crowd of partying people out of the club. Just beside the club, there was a hotel- and she had the key to the first room on the ground floor. He gave in totally to her charm- he couldn’t even question her; the only thing he understood is that this foreign lady is on a vacation trip here, and is staying in this luxury hotel for a few nights. As India is, a few people on the road glared at them with an awkward stare as they entered the room. But the lady was absolutely cool and confident. On entering the room, which was average-sized with an attached bathroom, she pushed Pratik to the bed. He sat, and opened his shirt hurriedly. The lady opened her loosely tucked shirt quickly which revealed her finely toned figure, from the neck to the upper pelvis. Her skin tone was milky white and soft with several red rashes on the body. As she was about to get on Pratik, he stood up and held her hands. 

“What’s your name? Where are you from, beautiful lady?”, asked Pratik, with a slight tone of composure, reactionless.

“Ahh! Finally! I thought you were gonna unzip me. Anyway, Emily here from Norway”, she sat down on the bed. 

Pratik was still standing reactionless and staring at the well-built body of her which revealed a very erotic cleavage and a desire to be physically intimate. As he was staring at her breasts, Emily quickly took off her bra that revealed a pair of puffed nipples, erect and waiting to be touched and licked. His body had a rush of blood from bottom to top and he was getting excited. The upper body of both of them is naked now. After he looked for some time at her partially nude beauty, totally without resistance, suddenly pulled her off the bed and hugged her tight, so that his skin could totally feel her. Combing her hairs with fingers, he whispered gently in her ear, “Emily!”

Emily expected something else. For the first time, she stared at him into his eyes. His eyes reflected a bright aura, an aura of love, an aura of lustlessness, an aura of gentleness, and a glimpse that she couldn’t get over. She felt a great sense of respect, a sense of protectiveness, a sense of delight that suddenly made her tranquil, quenching her desire to have sex for the moment. It was nothing but that one glance at the protruding eyes of Pratik. Pratik smiled, took her into his arms, and slowly put her into the bed. Emily felt such grace and respect that she didn’t even bother to put on her clothes back. She smiled and kept looking into the magical eyes of Pratik. 

“You know Emily, Kolkata indeed is one of the most unique places in India.”, he said in a calm voice, looking into the eyes of Emily which showed scars of deep suffering from her past. Emily didn’t respond. She kept staring.

“Eyes can tell a lot of things, isn’t it?” asked Pratik again.

“....Maybe…” stumbled she while looking at him, thinking of how instantly the vibe of Pratik transformed her, from being insatiably lusty to being into a flow of love and an emotional release far more freeing than an orgasm.

He looked at the watch- it’s 3:38 a.m.

“Cling.. Cling..!” rang the doorbell. Emily got off from the bed to open the door while Pratik reminded her to wear the shirt. She blushed a little bit, wore it quickly, and opened the door- it was the room service boy with a bottle of the wine she ordered a while back. She took it and closed the door. As she kept the bottle on the table, both were in the midst of a long conversation that happened only with a glance, in the midst of a tranquil silence. Pratik was about to say something…

“Pratik… Pratik… Wake up…. It’s already 7:30… How much will you sleep? Wake up quickly...”, said his mother, who regularly wakes him up before 6:30 in the morning.

Pratik is half awake now. He is in the midst of the world of party club with Emily, and the world where he wakes up to, regularly.

He kept on thinking, “Which world is the real one-the world that crashes after a night or the world which crashes after a few decades?”


  The infinite train, Never found where it started, Or where did it end! An express in one direction, It gives ear to none, Never stops, til...