Friday, April 30, 2021


In one of the hopeless nights,

I dare, dare to step out.

Ignorance hurts, I stand with might.

Trying to open minds, loud!

Where am I? How, by the way?

Sleeping people I see around,

Waking them up, for they're bound.

Are the deepest questions out there,

Or is it inside, right here?

There is a path, to get out, I swear!

Cycles of time is all that is here.

Creation is, the game unsolved,

Forever it would be, there to mould.

Thoughts, imagination can run wild.

But nothing can come close to it.

The life, the gigantic trap, with galaxies,

With awareness, people bid lifetimes,

Some got released, some badly stuck.

Repeating it is, I am burning to let go,

But can I? Or I assume it to be so!

Trying to touch eternity, of the uncreated,

That which can never be created.

Trying to touch, and here I go!

It's life, it flows...

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