Wednesday, June 30, 2021


It was a regular day for Dinesh, a hardworking man from Jhitka, who worked for Manab, a local businessman by profession. Dinesh handled regular needs like supplying groceries for Manab's family and working at Manab's complex. He also drives Manab's car. Today, he was called by Arnesh, a respected dignitary, business diplomat, humanitarian and also the younger brother of Manab, who would be going somewhere. Dinesh was called to come at 12pm. Generally, Dinesh is very punctual in everything. But today, he was alone in the market complex, and even to inform this fact, the validity of his sim was over. There was no way he found to come, but he managed to come anyway by 12:20 pm to Arnesh. 

Arnesh: (Seeing him arriving) *Yells at the top of his voice* I TOLD YOU TO COME AT 12 PM. WHAT IS THIS? 

Dinesh: Sir, I tried to... 


Dinesh: ....(with a cold voice, heads down) But sir, I wanted to.... 


Dinesh, without speaking a word, held his heads down and left the place. This incident boiled my blood. Everyday, millions of people like this are exploited, even in ways much more brutal than this, just because they don't hold that authority. 
This is the world we are living in. Most of these so called humanitarian people of great social image are so miserably sick in their minds when it comes to their personal spheres. Someone rightly said, "Most of the people sitting in places of great authority and responsibility are often big idiots". In building this society, we lack a very fundamental humanitarian tone on a general scale. When the entire idea of success in life is gauged on the scale of what others achieve, instead of seeing money as a tool for material aspirations but as life itself, when love is measured on the gauge of purposefulness, when every road to touching one's tune in heart is blocked by these useless noises which are fed from childhood to create these prejudices, how can one expect peace to prevail? It's just a matter of time before riots break out. Somehow, it is instilled in us that we need to control someone else, someone vulnerable in order to feel powerful. And this is a clear symptom of how weak you're. Being in a responsible position doesn't mean exploitation, but of a conscious response to everything. One gesture of you can make or break someone's day. I often wonder, who is really the scumbag here? It takes nothing, absolutely nothing to be polite to people, to be caring towards people, especially empowering the vulnerable ones. We preach the philosophy of equality, but is this achievable? Absolutely not, not in the near future atleast. This is because the robust way in which we made our economic model, there's discrimination on every ground. This diversity is necessary for a society to exist. Imagine if the farmers refused to sell you food or the sweepers refused to clean a place, where would our "important" positions be. It would totally break down. If this diversity has to be made healthy, and not turned into discrimination, there should be a mutual sense of respect between any two interacting human beings. How?
The solution again comes from us. We have to start with ourselves. We have to nurture people around us in a gentler way. Children shouldn't be used as a resource to cater to what parents desire, but should be an expression of the flowering of humanity that everyone shall witness and benefit from. We have to start being more cautious about how we respond to situations around us, and introspect at the end of the day where we could optimise. Let's start this today. To change this world, let's begin with ourselves. Small steps everyday could transform our impressions on minutest level, thereby benefitting the entire atmosphere around us. Humanity shouldn't be your preaching, your very persona must reflect that- that's success. This is the only definition of success I had ever inculcated- success is something that's not given to you, it's attaining something which nobody or nothing can ever snatch from you.

Sunday, June 27, 2021



Gautama the Buddha, two millennia ago, created a huge wave of spirituality in the thirsty world. This man alone, by his sheer presence, created so much influence all over the world that today Buddhism, the path of Gautama, is one of the major world religions. There are gallons of books on the teachings of the Buddha, his words, his works, his path, his way of life. But none left a trail of the essence, the smell of who Gautama really was. So one day, I suddenly almost accidentally stumbled upon this book, gifted to me by one of my friends, and realized that I have hit a gold mine! 

This is a thin book where I glimpsed who the Buddha was, in the eyes of a thirsty young boy who tried all ways of life, from being a Samana, a forest dweller, to a businessman, a lover, and a father, only to find the treasure that he is looking for, is eternal, is always there. This is a theme that touched me to the deepest. I can say with utmost gratitude and confidence that Herman Hesse almost perfectly knit the Buddha with this story. You can explore this, too. 

It can be bought here on Amazon or Flipkart

The Alchemist


We all dream, in the night, and in life. Our hearts speak a voice- a voice of destiny, a voice to liberating us from the clutches of deception, misery, the cyclic clutches of society, a voice that is our own guide. Listening to that voice is when you discover life, discover yourself. The essence of the fable is exactly that- a journey of a young shepherd who dreams, who hears the voice of his soul, but falls in a dilemma many a time whether to choose discomfort to explore new horizons or be in comfort to stay limited by that identity. Alchemy is the art of transformation of metals. This metaphor is drawn in regards to life. This is about the transformation of life, and the search for destiny. Where do you find all that you're looking for? The story is narrated in a beautiful way by Coelho, and it depends on how you grasp it. This book is known to have transformed the lives of many people who touched the essence of it. 

It can be bought here from Amazon or Flipkart.

By the way, there's a movie that is planned for this story. Will Smith is in one of it's lead role! Watch the trailer here.

Friday, June 25, 2021


In the elite traditions of Bharat, a few centuries ago when it occupied nearly a third of world's GDP, guru-shishya parampara was seen as the epitome of all possible human relationships.
From Patanjali to the Buddha, from Thales, to Archimedes, from Galileo Galilei to Richard Feynman, from Lao Tzu to Rajneesh Osho, from Edwin Hubble to Fritz Zwicky, from Issac Newton to Albert Einstein, from Satyendranath Bose to Ramanujan, and from H.C. Verma to Grant Sanderson- are a few names in my wall of mind whom I grew up with. I'm not very fond of friends, and am not very friendly either, but teachers and knowledge were part and parcel of my life since the time my memory can retain. I was exceedingly thirsty of knowledge, as a result of which I was never an ideal scapegoat for the current education system I am a part of. After more than two decades of my journey here on this Earth, I aptly feel that there was some pre-built push that never allowed me to settle on anything limited and I was always searching- from the absolutely gigantic scale to the minutest and subtlest that human beings have ever reached. It's absolutely alright not to have this thirst from birth. It was just that I was somehow unlucky (or, is it?)

I am still as hungry as I was, maybe I had to tune down my expressions in order to fit with the social square because my work is with people around. There are teachers who inspired me and my thirst more than I had ever expected, there are teachers who gifted me wings of perspective and yet there were many so-called people in the garb of teachers who couldn't tolerate me because of their own limitations of knowledge, or maybe the fear of getting an ego hurt.

In many parts of India, teaching is still considered to be quite a low profile job- something which someone does only if he/she isn't able to do anything that great. But my perception and experience around which I grew up taught me something which is centuries away from the prevalent social picture. I understand this perception is because of incompetence merging with necessity. Because I have an enormous thirst for knowledge, to know everything that is, to intellectually grasp everything that I come across, ranging from pre-history, Geography, Politics, Cosmology, Anthropology, Alchemy, Music, Mathematics, literally anything, anything that stimulated my intellect, the best way I have ever understood it is by teaching it to someone, less for the sake of teaching but more in the sake of learning better, grabbing it clearly. And here from I did realise my passion- an intense passion to teach. I am of that type that I can let go everything on a loincloth and explore the world rather than working most of my day in a firm for some little money. So, there's no question of the later being my profession.

Teaching is an art, and teachers are the pillar of the world, probably one of the strongest pillars. So, in an ideal sense, being a teacher is a big, big responsibility. A responsibility to build a generation of fresh and intense learners, and shaping their future with the hope that everyone lives a fulfilled life. A degree does never ensure a teacher, for the first thing I learned by being a teacher is that I have to be the most interested student at the first place.

My career in teaching started around 4 years ago, right after I joined college. I not only earned for myself, but also was fulfilled in the most beautiful way. Everyday is a new day, in the endless river of knowledge, everyday I can have an empty pitcher to pull out some water from that river. There was nothing more transforming than the identity of teacher I carried around. The second thing I learnt was discipline in maintaining time. I was struggling to have a proper discipline because I never planned anything, every day was kind of random, but being in a schedule helped me to arrange my day in a beautiful way. Being in discipline has helped me in my quest in a more organized way than ever before. Nextly, because of my very limited social interactions, I was very bad in conversing. Many a times, I had situations where I intended to express something but my choice of words made it offensive! Being in a dedicated group of students made me very conscious of my choice of words, and this is something I learn on a daily basis, and it has thoroughly helped me. Apart from that, a huge fraction of the impression that a teacher makes on a student made me aware of response- how to respond to every act of individual students. This involves studying and understanding each student in depth- probably more than he/she knows himself/herself! Every response I make can make/break someone's vision or day. Being extra conscious of this fact coupled with my own terrible experience as a student back in my teenage has really made every interaction into a fruitful and productive one.
Last but not the least, I have absolute freedom to dive into the sea of knowledge, whichever way I want. This is the freedom I have always seeked, and is something that I am fulfilled with. I go on a voyage to new horizons of perspective and knowledge, and feel very satisfied to share it with a broader group- the future of humanity.
Teaching is, and will continue to be the best way I can be a student forever. I am deeply indebted to everyone who paved my way to this journey of self exploration.

Sunday, June 20, 2021


There's a thirst, a voice, everyone is born with.

An insatiable thirst, a subtle voice which gets lost in the chaos of this world when your senses get involved here too heavily to not pay attention to even the faintest of that voice.

You earn money, become successful in your perspective, make a family, earn fame, try all methods of satiating yourself. If you don't try hard enough, you become dull and lifeless. If you try hard enough, you get exhausted.

When you are too full with everything you have ever dreamt for, you suddenly get to realize it's worth nothing in the existence, in a piece of cosmic dust, floating around in the middle of nowhere. All the imagined self importance comes to a halt, and you find yourself in the midst of a pathless path for which you're your own guide.

And now, Yoga. It's only after you have totally realized the futility of all the importance you have imagined with the idea of having a privileged position in the world. It is after you totally realize the fact that even after achieving everything you wanted, the desire is like mirage, and leads nowhere in that insatiable thirst. It's after you realize that being rich in attire is absolutely unrelated to your quality of life being rich every moment. It's a jump inside, it's a vision into the in. It takes not even one moment before this body burns in the funeral pyre and loses all it's hard earned importance.

Either start early, or get too late. The destination and the source, is Yoga- the oneness that weaves the entire universe.

I bow down to the profundity of saints and yogis who brought this tool for the entire humanity to benifit from.

Happy International Yoga day! Start today, or be too late, like a dream from which you always wake up regretting.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021


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In the scientifically progressive modern-day world, is there a need for belief in religion or superstitions such as God? Well, once again, there are many perspectives to it. This is no Single Choice Question, and now, we are going to dive deep into the fundamentals of this question and see if we can find something conclusive.

This happened. In my Thermodynamics class, suddenly one day, our curious professor suddenly asked us, “Does God exist?” When he turned his eyes to me, I just asked him, “What do you mean by God?” He willingly ignored my question to provide his ready-made answer to us. This is where the problem lies. If everyone understood the word “atom” differently, there would have been no real communication of the idea. Similarly, the idea of God is very misinterpreted. A bright existential truth is jotted down to the framework of what human minds can imagine, and obviously, it became illusory as the realization was lost. There are four types of Gods- one perception in monotheistic religions and the three perceptions in East Asia, and I wish to put them thoroughly into context before engaging in any further discussion as such.

1. The first God is the fearful one. The one who loves people who believe in him, but at the same time, orders to subjugate the others without what He wants the people to believe, although He himself created the people with different sets of beliefs! The one who loves people till they believe in Him. He is the supreme creator, and there is no one else except Him. He is everywhere, He is formless, yet He has got a gender- he is a male! The moment you call God “She”, He will get offended. He observes every move you make and will give you rewards for what He wants, and will punish you for what He doesn’t want. This is what I call the scapegoat model of God. He is everywhere, yet, you can never see him. In its extremism, you will be forced to believe with a gun in your head until you get schizophrenic. If He is formless, He must not have any sensory inputs, the ability to judge(because judgment is by the preset prejudices set by the human mind), nor the set of morale that your society has built. These are not God-given morale, this is what you made out of it. Further, he tells you what to eat, how to live, how to make love- I see this just as a way to make a sane human go paranoid. If He really was so obsessed with your beliefs, either He would have created only humans and not these millions of perfect creatures, and then He would have only created humans without brains! He is God, the perfect one- so why on this Earth did he need to put all these planets and asteroids and so many shining galaxies without a purpose? This model of God is to freeze the human mind with fear and use them as resources for conquest (often brutal) - a rudimentary expression of human pursuit.

2. The second type of God is a bit interesting- which is found exclusively in India and a few other East Asian countries (although mostly destroyed by communal forces). These are called deities, tools that you make to expand your horizons about various parameters like health, wealth, peace, intelligence, occult, etc. The people who believed in the first kind were also instructed to completely abolish these deities! This was called idol worship. Once again this name jumps up from a very rudimentary understanding of foreign fellows who had fixed patterns of thought. These idols were machines made in a certain way by people who could work with energies in a certain way. What was worship in their understanding was just a way to take care of that machine so that it functioned at an optimum level. Because in many aspects they were human-like, people often developed an emotional relationship with these consecrated deities. Recently, there are live examples of people like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to whom an idol of Maa Kali (an intense form made for occult purposes) was an absolute reality. If my grandpa passed away, there is no wrong in trying to remember him by his idol or trying to pay respect to his portrait. But somehow Type-1 God ordered every form of idol worship to be brutally destroyed. It had its own consequences though, but it clearly shows what is really in the garb by the name of Type-1 God. Even now, in many parts of India, idols are consecrated and used for certain purposes which may be incomprehensible to ordinary people. 

3. The third type of God is rather cool! By its very description, you can infer that it’s made in India! (Just being a little sarcastic). Well, this can also be seen as a very refined version of Type-1 God and has been the central point of the life of countless Yogis and mystics who referred to the same as God-realization, the realization of truth, moksha, nirvana, etc. This God is omnipresent and formless. This God is everywhere, every moment, never was born, can never die. This God is the basis of all animate and inanimate things that are all around the universe. God is in everything, everything is in God. This God is responsible for all the creation and destruction. This God is nothing and everything. That’s exactly the reason why they never said “God understanding” or “God-worshipping”- because it is impossible to be understood. This reminds me of a parallel idea in the scientific arena- energy, which can neither be created nor be destroyed. This definition of energy was coined much recently- im 1842, by Julius Robert Mayer. But just to remind you, this had been an existential truth in India far back in 3500 BCE- the least we know!

4. This is the most prominent form of God in the perception of people, or rather people who walked this planet- Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Gautama the Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tzu, Adi Shankaracharya, Kabir, Ramana Maharshi, and countless other beings. Why were they of this value? Simply because the presence of these beings caused a huge wave of transformation in people. There was no media back then, only a few kilometers of radius, and yet their names have been embedded deeply in the history- simply because they ceased to exist, they realized the creation, they were liberated, they went beyond birth and death- when the creator and creation’s simultaneity gets realized- the ultimate aspiration for every living creature. Every moment of their presence, every word they spoke, every way they opted for, had a unique taste from the beyond that kept the people around intoxicated in bliss and in different states of awareness. But to a totally fear-held ignorant, worshipping type 4 Gods is a sin! Of course, it’s a thorough result of insecurity- as is evident.

Is having any type of God among these four is wrong? No! The problem is with type-1, only when they try to put their hands on the faith of the other three types by means of aggression. Coming to the question with what we had started addressing, with a bit modification- “Do all these Gods exist?”- if I say yes, I am wrong. This would upset the atheists. So you may come up with the conclusion that I claim God doesn’t exist- and this may upset the theists. But I shall upset both theists and atheists- they are clinging onto their illusions equally hard, without ever having the guts to be open and explore. Both are ignorant to the same extent- thinking the other side of the coin is utterly foolish! If you explore, there is no need to believe in anything! Forget about the Universe, in this Earth itself, there are monumental things to explore- both outside and inside. Where does there come a need to believe in something you don’t know? Anyway, what can happen is only with realization- it’s always there, waiting for the hunger inside to open you up. Why believe or disbelieve in a definition, when you can bloom to be a Buddha? Yet, this may be easier said than done. It can take lifetimes, or it can happen in a moment- simply because it is all here every moment. 

~Excerpt from Stitched Perspective


  The infinite train, Never found where it started, Or where did it end! An express in one direction, It gives ear to none, Never stops, til...