Sunday, June 20, 2021


There's a thirst, a voice, everyone is born with.

An insatiable thirst, a subtle voice which gets lost in the chaos of this world when your senses get involved here too heavily to not pay attention to even the faintest of that voice.

You earn money, become successful in your perspective, make a family, earn fame, try all methods of satiating yourself. If you don't try hard enough, you become dull and lifeless. If you try hard enough, you get exhausted.

When you are too full with everything you have ever dreamt for, you suddenly get to realize it's worth nothing in the existence, in a piece of cosmic dust, floating around in the middle of nowhere. All the imagined self importance comes to a halt, and you find yourself in the midst of a pathless path for which you're your own guide.

And now, Yoga. It's only after you have totally realized the futility of all the importance you have imagined with the idea of having a privileged position in the world. It is after you totally realize the fact that even after achieving everything you wanted, the desire is like mirage, and leads nowhere in that insatiable thirst. It's after you realize that being rich in attire is absolutely unrelated to your quality of life being rich every moment. It's a jump inside, it's a vision into the in. It takes not even one moment before this body burns in the funeral pyre and loses all it's hard earned importance.

Either start early, or get too late. The destination and the source, is Yoga- the oneness that weaves the entire universe.

I bow down to the profundity of saints and yogis who brought this tool for the entire humanity to benifit from.

Happy International Yoga day! Start today, or be too late, like a dream from which you always wake up regretting.

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