Sunday, June 27, 2021



Gautama the Buddha, two millennia ago, created a huge wave of spirituality in the thirsty world. This man alone, by his sheer presence, created so much influence all over the world that today Buddhism, the path of Gautama, is one of the major world religions. There are gallons of books on the teachings of the Buddha, his words, his works, his path, his way of life. But none left a trail of the essence, the smell of who Gautama really was. So one day, I suddenly almost accidentally stumbled upon this book, gifted to me by one of my friends, and realized that I have hit a gold mine! 

This is a thin book where I glimpsed who the Buddha was, in the eyes of a thirsty young boy who tried all ways of life, from being a Samana, a forest dweller, to a businessman, a lover, and a father, only to find the treasure that he is looking for, is eternal, is always there. This is a theme that touched me to the deepest. I can say with utmost gratitude and confidence that Herman Hesse almost perfectly knit the Buddha with this story. You can explore this, too. 

It can be bought here on Amazon or Flipkart

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