Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Alchemist


We all dream, in the night, and in life. Our hearts speak a voice- a voice of destiny, a voice to liberating us from the clutches of deception, misery, the cyclic clutches of society, a voice that is our own guide. Listening to that voice is when you discover life, discover yourself. The essence of the fable is exactly that- a journey of a young shepherd who dreams, who hears the voice of his soul, but falls in a dilemma many a time whether to choose discomfort to explore new horizons or be in comfort to stay limited by that identity. Alchemy is the art of transformation of metals. This metaphor is drawn in regards to life. This is about the transformation of life, and the search for destiny. Where do you find all that you're looking for? The story is narrated in a beautiful way by Coelho, and it depends on how you grasp it. This book is known to have transformed the lives of many people who touched the essence of it. 

It can be bought here from Amazon or Flipkart.

By the way, there's a movie that is planned for this story. Will Smith is in one of it's lead role! Watch the trailer here.

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